Sheffield Lab

Revealing the brain mechanisms of memory


10/2018 Mark receives NIH funding: The New Innovator Award 2018

09/2018 Antoine Madar joins the lab as a postdoc! Welcome Antoine

08/2018 Madeline Klinger leaves to start her graduate career at UC Berkeley in their Neuroscience program. She will be hugely missed.

07/2018 Chad Heer joins the lab as a graduate student!

06/2018 Mark’s review article is accepted and published in Current Opinion in Neurobiology

06/2018 Joe DiPietro leaves us to start a career with Nikon. Good luck Joe!

05/2018 Seetha Krishnan joins the lab as a postdoc! Welcome Seetha

04/2018 Mark receives a 2018 Searle Scholars Award

02/2018 Spotlight article published in TINS focussed on Mark's recent Neuron paper

02/2018 UChicago press release about Sloan Fellowship and Sheffield Lab

02/2018 Mark is awarded a 2018 Sloan Fellowship!

02/2018 Mark presents his work at the Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing as part of a workshop on Representation, Coding and Computation in Neural Circuits

10/2017 Mark's work from Dan Dombeck's lab is published in Neuron

9/2017 Can is selected for one of the Biological Science Division (BSD) 2nd year international student fellowships! Well done Can!

9/2017 Mark joins the Committee on Neurobiology (CON) and the Committee on Computational Neuroscience (CNS)

9/2017 Madeline Klinger joins the lab as a research tech!

9/2017 Joseph DiPietro joins the lab as a postdoc!

7/2017 Can Dong joins the lab!

5/2017 Can Dong starts a rotation in the lab (CON)

5/2017 Chery Cherian joins the lab as a research Tech!

4/2017 Mark is awarded a Whitehall Foundation Grant

4/2017 Mark starts building the lab!